“Poor Investigation”

“Poor Investigation”

I can guarantee throughout time there have been countless “poor investigations” into the death of #Blackmen across this country which has allowed #murders to get away with their #crimes. This count will continue growing until there is #transparency in #lawenforcement. Speaking specifically this is where I will continue to support the effort to change the “morals code” of those in law enforcement who carry a #badge or wear #uniform. Maybe if those who investigated the #investigation into the death of Keith W Warren and came to the conclusion it was a “poor investigation” would have come forward and support the family in getting the death certificate changed, then maybe there could have been some semblance of justice for Keith. The facts listed below came directly from the notes received from MCMPD in 2014:
1. Scene notes inadequate!
2. Evaluation of victim at scene not recorded
3. no interview of Lawson,Claudia witness who discovered
4. no interview of Duron who appears in crime scene
5. no supplemental reports (word not recognized…..)crime scene family interviews etc
6. notification and interview of mother not accompanied by investigator interview of information person on duty who assisted Leverett and notification and could collaborate statements by mother not accomplished*
7. notification to mother and her statements were not followed up on by Leverett but used
8. Investigator did not research victim’s residence for rope used in hanging
9. all interviews to the 4th of August revealed no one saw a reason for victim to take his life no
10. No cover up just a poor investigation


  1. Willingtohelp 2 months ago

    Sherri, do you believe that your brother’s murder was racially motivated?

    • Author
      sherri 2 months ago

      I believe the investigation into Keith’s death or lack of was because the white Detective put no value into the color of his skin and didnt want to be bothered with doing the leg work and paperwork.

      • Willingtohelp 2 months ago

        Thank you for your prompt response, Sherri. I’ve been following this case for many years and I very much believe this was a racially motivated lynching. What does Rodney Kendall think?

        • Author
          sherri 2 months ago

          Rodney has said in the past that this was a murder and not a suicide and believed the circumstances surrounding Keith’s death has everything to do with Keith’s social circle.

          • Willingtohelp 2 months ago

            Understood. Have you ever been in contact with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)?

          • Author
            sherri 2 months ago

            I believe my mom reached out to no avail. I have been told by several resources there really is no case and no legal argument I can take into court. In my heart I dont believe that to be true. There has to be a “Johnny Cochran” out there somewhere that can take the information I received in 2014 and bring the MCMPD into accountability for the lack of “investigation” into how Keith got on the tree which has allowed my brothers murders to live a full life and destroyed his.

  2. Kendra 1 month ago

    I just learned of Keith’s tragic death on the Case File podcast. What a shame that Montgomery County officials felt the need to remain rooted in their clearly erroneous beliefs and take a defensive stance rather than pursue the facts and uncover the truth. I wish you success and send support from Seattle.

    • Author
      sherri 1 month ago

      Thank you for your kind words. Please share Keith’s story with your social circle and keep his memory alive.

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