Official State doc that is stamped with the state seal

Official State doc that is stamped with the state seal

This is the official stamped with the state sealed document that the coroner lied on. Keith had only one sister and at the time of death she was in NJ visiting with her aunt. Even if she was local she was a minor at the time and it would have been against the law to speak with her without her parents permission. Also per the document the police officer pronounced Keith dead.


  1. christine LaVern bruner 5 years ago

    what if anything was the Montgomery County Police response to the autopsy and pathological report obtained by your family that clearly show Keith could not have put himself on that tree did they have any answer or any response and why is that autopsy not an obvious reason to reopen the case and at the very least change the manner of death to undetermined?

    • Sherri Warren 5 years ago

      They discredit it say that the information cannot be confirmed and give no validity to it.

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