Email Campaign

Email Campaign

We have launched a letter writing campaign. Please click on the link and it will open up in your mail client with the form letter to include the email address’s of those we are targeting. You will only need to add your name and city in the body of the email. We appreciate your time and energy. Thank you for your offer of help. Please share with your social circle.



If the link is not working for you please email us at and we will email you the link directly. Please click on the link below to be redirected to the formatted letter we appreciate your support



  1. MW 5 months ago


    I can’t see a date when the letter campaign started. With the current media coverage of the Robert Fuller case, perhaps we can make some leeway now. I genuinely want this case solved. The people who called the police should be interrogated…if nothing else, there should be more info on that part of the story! This is unbelievable! I became aware of this case in January, and now is the time for our community to DEMAND justice! They have to do a proper investigation and provide answers!

    • Author
      sherri 5 months ago

      Good Day,

      My apology for the delay in responding. The Letter campaign started June 5th. I have put the requested in writing and called asking MCPD to interview Claudia Lawson with no response from them. I appreciate you energy and ask please continue the conversation about Keith and pray-fully this new energy will motivate MCPD to do the very minimum and change the death certificate.

  2. MW 5 months ago

    A more extensive Article with the same title was in the Washington post this week….

  3. MW 5 months ago

    This one references the Washington Post article. I can’t link that washington post article without a subscription etc…

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