Keith Warren/ Lyon Sisters

Keith Warren/ Lyon Sisters

On the right you have the police photo of Keith Warren strung up on a tree with his feet resting in front of him. On the left you have the picture of the Lyon sisters. I have made a conscious decision to stay away from bringing color into the argument of why the Montgomery County Maryland Police department has made no formidable effort in bringing closure to my family in relation to the death of my brother Keith Warren. It disturbs me that every local news outlet has covered the story of the Lyons sister disappearance due to the indictment being handed down Wednesday 7/15/2015, but the same local news outlets will not so much as reference the new information received from the MCMPD in 2014 which disclosed the lead detective investigating Keith Warren’s death used information from a unknown, unrelated, and undocumented to classify Keith‘s death as a suicide. The Montgomery County Maryland Police department has known for 29yrs that there is NO medical documentation to support the suicide classification, and the same department allowed the police officers to pronounce Keith Warren dead on the scene (Officer Leverette is the name in the box next to pronounce dead on the death certificate). We do not know the time of death or even the correct day of death because the detective decided to play God. If you are a citizen of color living in Montgomery County Maryland my suggestion is you might want to take a closer look at how your local government values you and your rights.


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