Open Letter

Open Letter

Open letter….

July 30 and July 31st will forever be two of the most difficult days in a calendar year for me. Due to poor police work and investigation by MONTGOMERY COUNTY MARYLAND PD, I will never know the exact date of Keith’s death or the manner of death. Keith’s body was found on July 31st 1986, but because NO ONE with a medical background examined Keith’s body, Keith’s body was NOT taken to a morgue, and Keith was NOT given an autopsy at the time of his death. The time, date and manner of what caused Keith’s death will ALWAYS be a mystery for me and my family. It’s hard enough to lose a love one but to live with the uncertainty of why Keith had to die and when Keith died is like living in a time warp. As I always do I will take the next two days for reflection and turn my pain, aggravation and frustration into something positive and work on helping other victims and families to NEVER have to go through the experience of the next 48hours that I live every year. -Sherri




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