NBC Washington – Thank you

NBC Washington – Thank you

I want to say Thank you to NBC Washington, Darcy Spencer, and Shawn Yancy for sharing my brothers story. I have reached out to several news outlets in the area and for whatever reason there is hesitancy to cover this story. In 2012 when Discover ID covered Keith’s story for the series “The Injustice Files: At the End of a Rope” I remember the producers telling me at the time the county was working to have Keith removed from the series and not have his death’s profiled. In other words they didnt want Keith’s story shared, needless to say it was aired.

I have learned in my fight for justice for my mom and brother, politics plays a major role in the advancement of justice and accountability. I cant say it enough about Hans Riemer
and the courage that he has taken to give my mom and brother a voice. I dont have a road map or a game plan on how to get Chief Jones to reclassify Keith’s death in the Police Department files or how to get the death certificate changed; what I do know is how to fight for my mom and my brother and never give up on them just like they would never give up on me.


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