Culture of cover-up in Policing has to change

Culture of cover-up in Policing has to change

I know for a fact that within the Montgomery County Police department over the last 30+ years it was and is known that the investigation into Keith’s death was flawed. The sad part is not that the investigation was flawed and allowed someone to get away with murder, but that there were and still are officers on the force that know that Detective Beasley did not do an investigation into my brothers death, did not do his job, and allowed someone to get away with murder. Reading the article about how the Boston Police department knew for 2 decades that there was a child sexual abuser on their force and allowed this person to rise up into power in the police union is disturbing. There has got to be actions put in place that will create a culture in policing that allows officers to come forward about concerns with their fellow officers and not be in fear of retaliation.


…“Rose being tagged as a child sexual abuser was news to the city when he was arrested and charged last summer. But it wasn’t news to the Boston Police Department where Rose served for two decades as a patrolman.

A Globe investigation has found that the Boston Police Department in 1995 filed a criminal complaint against him for sexual assault on a 12-year-old, and, even after the complaint was dropped, proceeded with an internal investigation that concluded that he likely committed a crime. Despite that finding, Rose kept his badge, remained on patrol for another 21 years, and rose to power in the union that represents patrol officers.

Today Boston police are fighting to keep secret how the department handled the allegations against Rose, and what, if any, penalty he faced.”



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