Embalmers Report – Toxicology information

Embalmers Report – Toxicology information

I’m going to take the liberty to share an observation from a friend who is helping me with bringing a sense of closure in the death of Keith.

The embalmers report from #CollinsFuneral home in #SilverSpringMD is a very important part of the argument to reclassify Keith’s death certificate. I have paraphrased the information from my “friend”…. adding into the conversation my own observations. This information was presented to the OCME to support my request to updated Keith’s death certificate.


This is the information along with several attachments sent to the OCME office:

I would like to bring to your attention the official embalming report from Collins Funeral. This document in itself shows there is a valid argument in support of the reclassification of my brother’s death certificate. Please see my notes below related to the attached documents.


In reviewing the documents, you will find several questionable items. Let begin with a simple observation.  Fields in the embalmers report pertaining to Keith’s information are left out, such as (and in no order) Date, Case No, Place of death, Age, Height or Weight, Cause of Death, Received at Funeral Home, PERMISSION TO EMBALM RECEIVED ON THE..), the fact they acted without that directive alone is questionable. Also, per the notes attached the “powerpack” used by Collins Funeral home in 1986 did not have “111TCE” per the manufacture.

Using the information on the embalmers report there is no way to ascertain when Keith was embalmed, date or time. It doesn’t note who gave the directive to embalm,  however to proceed embalming under directive without this data suspect.


Based on the information on the embalmers report…an eruption is a skin reaction to either a drug or a chemical, so the M.E. accidentally noted that something in Keith’s body caused a skin eruption, likely the TCE in his system. Also, it was MPD position that the TCE may have gotten in Keiths body thru the embalming process. After some follow up, I found that the reason the coroner found the TCE in those areas (Brain, kidney, liver) is because upon being ingested, TCE naturally stores in adipose tissue, this is also supported by several scientific studies. So, HE would HAVE to ingest the TCE for it to have arrived in those organs.


I suggest you print out a copy of the embalmers report to really read what the embalmer wrote here, which I did. The report says “outside maggots”. If one were to presume this to be correct, then the position here is that Keith got maggots in his mouth from a rare species of maggot that exist outside of corpses and are outside and wandering. Either that or that Keith was hung next to something else that was also dead and the maggots transferred from A to B.  Maggots form in completely dead tissue, which meant they formed IN Keiths mouth at the time. Maggots don’t roam around outside. From what I read, maggots are not so much an outside species and only form in dead tissue.

 I did my homework which brings me to my next points of contention. Maggots take at least two days (and a maximum of seven) to form once the tissue is completely dead (tissue doesn’t die all at once). As you are aware MPD had that Keith had hung himself a few hours before he was found is completely debunked by that finding alone.

I also did some research about TCE toxicity and also referenced the documents attached.  I found it takes 7g/kg to be lethal in a human body. Keith had 94g in him in a decomposed state seven years later. Which means he had enough to kill him and seven others.  To make sense of that visually, if it was put in his drink, the TCE would roughly amount to HALF A MEASURING CUP of what was in the drink. Using science as a reference, there is no way that amount of anything was mixed in a drink with any other intent than to poison him, half a cup of cleaning product is not a “prank gone wrong”.

I’m sending you this information to further support the argument that the suicide determination as a cause of death is not supported. I am anxiously await your decision.

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  1. Thomas Parnell 5 months ago

    These documents pretty much tell a story that points a 150 degrees Away from the official ” suicide” theory; IMO, the Only Reason Anyone would have for Not reclassifying the cause of death & Changing it to (A) ” manner undetermined” ( B) ” Pending” would be that Someone or Someone’s had reasons for Covering up the True cause of death, & the officials are More than likely too Embarrassed to Admit Wrongdoing here.

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