March on Foundation interview

March on Foundation interview

Thank you @marchonfoundation for continuing the conversation of how a whole state #Maryland and an entire #JusticeSystem in said state ( #montgomerycountymd , #MCPD , #marylandstatepolice #montgomerycountypolice department #OAGMaryland ) continue to ignore how my brother a blackman #KeithWarren was strung up on a tree and no investigation was conducted.

I am currently waiting on a ruling from the medical examiners office on my 55 page request which I submitted back in February 2023 about updating my brother’s death certificate to reflect the evidence which is undetermined.

It is unfortunate that they continue to ignore the information presented recently which supports my request. I have on camera former state attorney of Montgomery county/former Attorney General of Maryland, Mr. Doug Gansler stating that this case should be reclassified. Mr. Gansler made that statement in 2022.

I have a whole three-part Doc series on #discoveryplus (UpRooted) discussing the details of this case, which shows that there is enough inconsistencies with the investigation in regards to how my brother was found on said tree.

I’m not going away…..
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TW: mentions of death
Throughout our conversation with Sherri Warren, it was clear that her older brother Keith was a kind young man with a bright future.
Unfortunately, the world never got to truly experience Keith’s passionate, loving, and trustworthy character. On July 31, 1986, Keith was found dead near his home in Silver Spring, Maryland, his life cut tragically short.
The Montgomery County Police rushed to rule Keith’s death a suicide and immediately sent his body to be embalmed, all before his mother was even contacted.
In 1992 on what would have been Keith’s 25th birthday, official photos of his death scene were left anonymously on his mother’s doorstep.
The photos revealed shocking discrepancies and procedural failings in the police’s investigation, and thus began the Warren family’s decades-long pursuit for the truth.
A lot of attempts have been made to make people forget about Keith Warren’s tragic death. Evidence conveniently comes up missing or destroyed, procedural failings are explained away…
We’re here to say: we will never forget Keith, and we stand with his family in their demands for accountability.
Part 2 coming at the end of the month!


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