Your Vote / Your Voice

Your Vote / Your Voice

We have to start having the conversation of the importance in getting out and making sure that you play your part and secure the future of the next generations.

I will always tie everything back to the death of my brother and how I’m still in this fight trying to bring justice & accountability for #KeithWarren and my mom. There are those in office today that want me to go away, and to simply put their head in the sand, Unfortunately, that is my battle, that is my war.
You can play a big part in not having another family endure the pain and suffering which I have for last 30+ years. This is done by voting people in office who care about you and what will affect your life and your family and doing what is best for the betterment of all.

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  1. Thomas Parnell 3 months ago

    I Will be More than Glad to do Whatever I can to bring about Justice; keith warren Still Deserves Justice, & Your Sweet Mom Deserves That too. So Sorry for All You’ve been through, I know that’s a lonely road travelled, But I feel that Your Mom & Keith are looking down & they’re Still loving You every day! My Prayers are with You.

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