In the autopsy that my MOM had to pay for out of her pocket…she had to have Keith exhumed and then fly his body to PA to be autopsied by Dr. Milhalakis.

Dr Milhalakis revealed that there were substances found in the toxicological studies “that bothers me.” The two substances reported in the blood analysis were 1,1,1-Trichloroethane and Ethylbenzene. Four substances were found in the liver anaylsis–1,1,1-Trichloroethane, Ethylbenzene, plus Xylene and Toluene. It was suggested that Trichloroethane is in degreasers, dry cleaning agents, glue and paint removers, etc. In the past it was also part of an inhalation anesthetic. The others are often found together in gasoline. The question was –Where did these substances come from? Embalming fluids? Dr. Mihalakis indicated that would be uncommon, very unusual. Conference called ended with further research indicated.
In a Conference Call Aug.3rd. Dr. Mihalakis, (who connected in Dr. Mason the toxicologist) with George and Jane.
Toxicology findings were: I) Trichloroethane in the blood and liver were 12 and 16 times the “fatal Level.” 2) Toluene was approximately 10 times a “fatal Level.” 3) Xylene was 10 times a “fatal level.” The question posited was could these substance be in the embalming fluid? .
Dr. Mason-“ATYPICAL.” (Pushed then by Dr. Mihalakis “How atypical?”) Dr. Mason -“HIGHLY ATYPICAL.” “I HAVE NEVER ENCOUNTERED THESE.” · “Trichloroethane has impairing qualities, it is a cardiac irritant.

Who in Keith’s “friend” circle would have access to those chemicals?

#KeithWarren #justiceforkeith #lovenevergoesaway #accountability #transparency #MoCounty #injustice


  1. Steve Phillips 2 years ago

    I recently watched a unsolved mysteries on Keith Warren
    Totally belew my kind on incompetence of the police
    If they have nothing to hide why are they so steadfast in denying a review by outside independent researchers or even reviewing it themselves
    Seems to me a cover was inplace at the time and police know it
    They are trying to save ass by continuing the circus
    They won’t admit any wrong doing
    Cause its to the point of being political
    Someone who was involved in cover up is still there or someone in the police was related to the people who did this
    Could be they were covering up because
    They wanted to prevent the truth cause it would be A.bad mark on their community

    Any updates on what is going on now?

    • Author
      sherri 2 years ago

      Thank you for your comment. There are a few updates.

      1. I was told in 2018 that the case was reopened by retired Chief Manger (who is now the chief of police for the Capitol), only to be told by Det Homrock that the Chief was incorrect
      2. I was told in 2018 that it was policy and procedure to send bodies to the funeral home of the choice of the Detective. I requested
      under the FOIA/MPIA for a copy of the police policy/manual from 1986 and was told that there is not one hard or electronic copy of the handbook in the state
      3. I was accidentally cc’d on an email between Det Homrock and Det Colbert in 2018 which referred to this case as a “shit storm”
      4. The Montgomery County Police department spent 40yrs trying to solve the case of the “Lyon” sisters and spent no time on the death investigation of my brother
      5. There will be a 3 part documentary airing on 2/18 on Discovery Plus which will put a major spotlight on the deception and lies of this case.

      I dont think the community was every in the thoughts of Detective Beasley. Detective Beasley was allowed to defame my mothers character, lose evidence, destroy evidence, manipulate documents all to
      support his conclusion and he was given the green light by the police department, city of Montgomery County and the state of MD.

      The current State Attorney John McCarthy has never responded to my request in the last 12yrs to meet with me. My requests have gone unanswered by him.

  2. Jenna Lyons 2 years ago

    I just finished watching the documentary featuring the horrific injustice you’re family has endured, I was captivated by your love snd dedication to your entire family. Your quest for the truth is what we need in our justice system, maybe after you’ll consider giving your community someone they can rely on. I know you have so many people and resources helping you I’m Sure it’s covered but have you filed complaints against the medical examiner (both right) and then the same with honestly the entire department but specifically the chief. The fact that he states on camera he could be “swayed to reopen if there was a witness” means The possibility of future investigation ;proof of the potential it’s not suicide. Report police to state authorities and DOJ, medical examiner to the state, medical board as well as the federal medical examiner’s association. Regardless you have proof of the ME lying , falsified records, breaching protocol, not following suicide procedure, and so much more.
    I genuinely wish there was something I could do to help unfortunately I’m unable to donate money and won’t finish law school for a few years. But please know that up on Vermont you have lots of people praying and sending love your way. Unfortunately it may be time for a civil lawsuit ??

    • Author
      sherri 2 years ago

      You done so much by reaching out and talking about Keith. My biggest fear is/was is that my brothers death would go away and the justice system in Maryland would allow his murderers to get away with it and my moms struggle would go unnoticed. Thank you for your kind note and continuing the conversation about Keith.

  3. Tiffany Phillips 2 years ago

    I just finished watching the 3 part documentary and my mind was blown with all of the discrepancies. Your mother did as any mother would. This is definitely a cover up and 100% not a suicide. I cried when I heard the police department celebrated her death. I hope and pray that you finally find the answers you are looking for. Continue the fight for Keith’s Justice.

    • Author
      sherri 2 years ago

      Thank you for your kind note. Please continue the conversation and if you have a chance please write to the Chief of Police, State Attorney, and the Attorney General requesting for Keiths case to be reclassified with MCPD and the death certificate to reflect the evidence which is that this is not a suicide.

      Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich
      Executive Office Building
      101 Monroe Street, 2nd Floor
      Rockville, MD 20850
      (240) 777-0311
      FAX: (240) 777-2517

      Montgomery County, Maryland
      State’s Attorney’s Office
      ATTN: John McCarthy
      50 Maryland Avenue, 5th Floor, North Tower
      Rockville, MD 20850
      Office: (240) 777-7300 Fax: (240) 777-7413

      The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner
      410.333. 3225.

      Montgomery County Council
      Stella B. Werner Council Office Building
      100 Maryland Avenue
      Rockville, MD 20850
      (240) 777-7900
      MD Relay 711 or (800) 201 – 7165
      FAX: (240) 777-7888

      Maryland Attorney General
      Brian Frosh
      200 St. Paul Place, Baltimore, MD 21202

  4. Melissa Bowers 6 months ago

    Watching the Unsolved Mysteries sent a chill down my spine, especially with the photographs of your brother that were left at your house. Your Mom living with those images of your brother in her head till her death is heartbreaking. You have to continue to have faith that God will help bring your brother’s killers to justice. There is no way in hell this was a suicide. IT is so hard to get justice in Maryland at all, especially around the DC area. Why would he have so many toxic chemicals in his bloodstream if he committed suicide – and why would he be wearing the wrong clothes. This is a total sham and I pray for justice for your family, for your mother’s eternal rest and your brother’s eternal rest as well. God Bless you and your efforts.

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