For all the “Trayvon Martin’s”

For all the “Trayvon Martin’s”

As I surf the web and look at the different and touching tributes to Trayvon Martin, it does give me pause.  I have said it before and will continue to believe that until we as a society address the blaring major issue of how local law enforcement handles profiling case’s from start to finish there will be another “Trayvon Martin”. Sanford Police department did not investigate the crime scene as just that “a crime scene”.  It has been confirmed evidence was not collected and the lifeless body of the victim not preserved for future analysis.   Trayvon Martin was/is the son of Tracey Martin and Sabrina Fulton, however there are “Trayvon Martin’s” in every community on every block; they come in all nationalities, and color.  Trayvon Martin is representative of all the faceless victims of poor/improper investigations, and those faceless victims deserve a voice.  Trayvon Martin’s death albeit tragic, gives a platform to address all the improper/poor investigations conducted by local law enforcement that go on across the country every day.  Let me point out, I am not making this a blanket statement and saying 100% of all investigations are not done properly, however when there is a situation where someone cannot speak for themselves and justice and accountability lies in the hands of the investigators there is no room for error. Put yourself in the shoes of the victims’ families; “Trayvon Martin” could have been your father, husband, brother, uncle or cousin.  – Sherri Warren


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