Medical Examiners Report – nothing medical

Medical Examiners Report – nothing medical

In this post I break down the coroner/medical examiners report and how there is NOTHING MEDICAL to explain Keith’s cause of death. MCPD / Chief Jones has/had this information for the past 30 years and continue to ignore the fact that there is nothing medical on this report to explain how Keith got on the tree. The coroner/ John Rogers took the information over the phone from Detective Beasley and put it into this false report. As stated in the video the Coroner claimed he spoke to me and I said I hadnt seen him for a week. Well I wasnt in the state of MD at the time of Keith’s death and I was a minor which would require my parent or guardian to accompany me to be interviewed. The information on the report was provided by Detective Beasley to the coroner over the phone. NO ONE with a medical background examined Keith’s body prior to Detective Beasley releasing it to the funeral home of his choice ordering no autopsy. You will also note that in the box marked “pronounced” Officer Leverette’s name is there. So again where was the coroner?


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