UPDATE on efforts to get case reclassified / reopened

UPDATE on efforts to get case reclassified / reopened

July 2019-UPDATE on efforts to get case reopen / reclassified

April 2019 I requested under the FOIA/MPIA all documents/ recordings/ video/ interviews relating to the death of Keith W Warren from 2014 to current. As of July 2019 I have had no response or communication with MCMPD.

June 2019 I sent email, certified letter and called State Attorney John McCarthy office to request a meeting with the State Attorney to request outside agency to come in to investigate the investigation. As of July 2019 no response has been received.

When you pair incompetent Medical Examiner/Coroners office with a Police Department that has no value to all lives you will get a case like Dakota James and Keith Warren. My family experienced the same interactions and conversations as the James family in our search for #Justice and #accountability in the death of Keith. The 2 situations are part of a larger pictures in the search for justice in the death of a loved one. Oxygen​ is doing a great service to victims and families of a justice system that in some cases wants to throw them away and allow someone to get away with #murder.

#smileyfacekiller series on @oxygen is just another example of how an incompetent medical examiner/coroner & a Police Department which puts no value to every life make a deadly & tragic combination in the search for #justice & #accountability




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