See here is my issue with the Montgomery County Maryland Police Department. In today’s climate of transparency in law enforcement this opens the door for ‪#‎MoCounty‬ to come forward and admit that there was mishandling of the evidence and procedure wasn’t followed and just like they believe Keith put himself on the tree there is likelihood he didn’t put himself on the tree and meet me halfway and change the ruling in his death as undetermined. Because #MoCounty did not do a proper investigation, no autopsy was performed and crucial evidence was destroyed or lost, I have to mourn each year for two days because there is no accurate time/day of death for Keith, no accurate cause of death for Keith and all information on MCMPD official documentation is either hearsay or false. I had to live with my mother not understanding why the basics of police procedure was not followed or why she had so much push back from the police department to just do their jobs. Keith was a son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, and best friend. You who hold information about the injustice in the case of Keith’s death render the family powerless. Those who are the position of power in the state government with the authority to help and refuse to bring transparency to this case, bring shame to your position, and those who are praying for the family and working to bring closure bring us hope. Reclassifying Keith’s file in there office will not bring back Keith or give me back the 23yrs my mother lost in her struggle and I lost of my mother, but it will give me closure. – Sherri


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