Det. Beasley/ note to not work with family

Det. Beasley/ note to not work with family

If the death of Keith Warren was an open and shut case…why did the lead detective do everything in his power to not work with the family to bring them closure? From sending the body to the funeral home of his choice, using “hearsay” to determine cause of death, no autopsy, cutting the tree down, change of clothing, and loosing the noose. One has to believe that there is more to this story than a simple suicide. The note attached was part of the documents that was requested under the Maryland’s Public Information Act/ Freedom of Information and is another piece of evidence showing my mothers struggle to get cooperation from Detective Beasley in relation to the death investigation  into Keith’s death.  Please note the “writer” mentions how my mother called several times a day and my mothers calls were never returned. So instead of returning mother’s calls, Det. Beasley reprimands “writer” for trying to help my mother and get her information she had continually asked for.

“Det Beasley came out to the desk and asked writer if he had told Mrs. Chambers anything. Writer replied that he told her “no autopsey “. Det Beasley asked writer if he had seen the ” Not for Press release ” notice. Writer replied that he was not talking to the press but was absolutely sure after several conversations that he was  talking to family members. Det. Beasley then instructed writer not to release any information on any incident in the future.”

“What is it that the system does or dosen’t want me to know about my child’s life and or death?”- Mary Couey



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