Delegate Joan Pitkin- Controversial issues with Maryland ME

Delegate Joan Pitkin- Controversial issues with Maryland ME

delegate-jp-1delegate-jpThe Maryland Medical Examiner’s office under the direction of Dr. John E. Smialek (1986-2001) played by their own set of rules. There were so many complaints concerning the ME office specifically in relation to the determination of death by “suicide” that Maryland Delegate Joan Pitkin (1979-2003) sponsored a bill that eventually passed into law. Prior to the passing of HB565 in the 1992 session the Medical Examiners ruling was final. HB565 set up a system of appeals for those who disagreed with the Medical Examiners findings. Delegate Pitkin also brought to light other improprieties of the ME’s office. Unfortunately for the Warren family, the law was retro back to May 1987, 10months after the death of Keith Warren. So you see the systematic injustice experienced by my mom was obviously not just one isolated case but a well-documented and ongoing issue on the level of Maryland State and Local government.

I hope to have a sit down with the other families who like my family have unanswered questions in relation to the death of their love one. – Sherri Warren


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