Gate Keeper

Gate Keeper

“Who is the Gate Keeper to your Justice/Right’s?”- Sherri Warren

1. Do you know your county/city rights if you were pulled over in a routine traffic stop?
2. Do you know your rights to privacy in the city/county you live in?
3. Do you know the Chief of police in your city?
4. Do you know which first amendment rights are protected in your city/county/state?

My mother was not aware of her/Keith’s rights back in 1986 and to be honest, I need to practice what I preach and read up on my city and county. You have to be informed. My mother’s most famous quote is……

“My issue is not your issue, but if you continue to ignore my issue one
day my issue may become your issue”- Mary Couey

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  1. Nadiyah 9 years ago

    Hello. I am sorry for your lost. I just saw this on Unsolved Mysteries here in NY. I was wondering if the items you are holding have been tested for fingerprints. His boots the wine cooler box. It’s 2015 they are pulling fingerprints off sheets. You should really look Into that. Those items can probaby open a lot of new doors. They may have been handled by someone who has nothing to do with the P.D but a person who was there. I’m sure the guy that left the photos that called your mom told someone else. Why didn’t he come sooner. Just watching the case I have a million questions. Did your mom sue. The fact that they conducted an autopsy without her prior knowledge is a case by itself. Smh. I might make this a group project. Also, his legs were on the ground. How did he manage to die still partially standing on ground. I feel so sorry for you guys. Times have changed a lot. You should start a go fund and raise money for an investigation .

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