The following offensive or inappropriate remarks were made by several Montgomery County Police Officers in referring to my mother:

“I don’t care how many lawyers she hires, it will not change the ruling of suicide.”

“If you had been a better mother, this wouldn’t have happened.”

“She is an emotionally distraught mother who cannot come to terms with her son’s death.”

“It is implied that I am having a hard time letting go.”- Mary Couey

“Let me at this point assure you that I have completely accepted the fact that my son is dead and have let go of any false sense of guilt. What I have not let go of is the fact that there is more to this story than I am being told!”- Mary Couey

I think back on how strong my mother was in the face of disrespect and disregard she received from Montgomery County and the police department. I am blessed to say that she has instilled that same strength in me and know that I will get her wish granted and we as a family will see justice and accountability in the death of Keith!- Sherri



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