How did Keith get to location to hang himself?

How did Keith get to location to hang himself?

There is no information in the police report about how Keith got to the location to hang himself so one would assume he walked. Using the argument that he took his own life, one would have to believe that Keith walked 2/10 of a mile carrying a 40 foot rope, change of clothing, two 4 pack wine coolers and a small duffle bag with several cassette tapes. It would also suggest that since no empty bottles of wine coolers were collected and logged by the police, based off of evidence and information in their report; Keith would have had to collect all the empty wine bottles at the scene taken them to a trash can throw them away and then go back to the same location and hang himself. Below is the link to the video which will show you the path which Keith would have had to walk due to the layout of the neighborhood, there was only one way in and one way out. Sherri, using the information from the police report recreates Keith’s last steps..


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