This EXACTLY what I continue to speak on in relation to transparency in Law Enforcment.  2 people employed by the city of Griffin, Georgia to protect and serve arrested for the murder of  Timothy Coggins in 1983.  I commend Spaulding County Sherrifs office for doing their jobs and bringing to justice those that took the life of Mr. Coggins regardless of the fact they were fellow officers.  Interesting fact that that Coggins had mostly white friends…. There are multiple similarities to Keith’s death and I cautions those who hold the truth of how Keith Warren got on the tree you are on the back end of your life and what you reap you sow.  Thank you CNN for publishing this story!

The time for those who took the life of Keith Warren to know times are changing…and change is coming!



Five arrested after 1983 murder case re-opened 

Story highlights

  • Newspaper, victim’s niece reveal details about Timothy Coggins’ murder
  • Spalding County deputies made five arrests in 1983 cold case last week

Griffin, Georgia (CNN)Timothy Coggins was stabbed multiple times, likely in the field where hunters found his body in Sunny Side, Georgia, on October 9, 1983, investigators at the time told the local newspaper.

The state crime lab determined that both of Coggins’ lungs were punctured, investigator Larry Campbell said, and there were blood stains and tire tracks at the scene. Planes approaching the grass landing strip at Beaverbrook Aerodrome would have flown over his body for about 36 hours before it was found.
“He had been worked over with a knife pretty well,” Campbell told the paper. “He had defense wounds where he’d thrown up an arm and so forth.”……


Coggins’ murder didn’t generate a great deal of coverage. The story about his body being discovered was 15 paragraphs long and sat at the bottom of the front page of the local paper, beneath a story about Griffin Tech planning to expand. Followup stories over the next two days commanded only a few column inches before his name disappeared from the pages.
Wire stories about a missing white girl out of Marietta, 50 miles north, commanded far more newshole.
The field where Coggins was found doesn’t resemble the photo in the newspaper. The road he was found near remains an unpaved thoroughfare, but the field now hosts a pine grove and one-story ramblers on spacious, pastoral lots.
Because of the dearth of coverage through the years and because so much has changed since Coggins’ murder, prosecutors will rely heavily on the recollections of those who came forward in July, when Sheriff Dix announced he was reopening the case and warned the suspects “he was coming for them”
Dix has alleged that the suspects intimidated witnesses for years. Heather Coggins declined to say whether anyone in her family had been threatened, citing the ongoing investigation and prosecution.
As for Dix’s claim that her uncle’s “torturous” killing was racially motivated, she also declined to share details. She did say, however, that most of her uncle’s friends were white, which might not have sat well with some folks in middle Georgia during the early 1980s.



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