Gone: 15 Years Later, What Really Happened To Christopher Daigle?

WOW! The Universe/God will always show you signs! Watched this on ID and the similarities are striking! You have to pay attention to the SIGNS! Today by happenstance and I’m not going to go into great detail, but know something wanted me to watch this episode. The similarities are eerie . We have always suspected that the circle that surrounded Keith has something to do with his death or know something about his death. We’ve always suspected his death could have possibly been about a female. We’ve always suspected that there is a lot of Deceit and lies however, somebody knows the truth. Time will reveal the truth especially with the new involvement of those who have no connection or association with the prior administration! Karma has no end date. This reaffirms truth, justice and accountability for Keith is coming. Let the church say AMEN! 



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