The Federal Government states that it is a federal crime for anyone acting under the color of law to willfully deprive or conspire to deprive a person of rights protected by the Constitution of the United States or U.S. Laws and State Laws.

Based on falsifying official investigation documentation (coroner’s report, police report, Medical Examiners report), fabrication of evidence, no autopsy, destroying evidence, losing key evidence and violating Constitutional and Civil Rights/ U.S. and State Laws, Detective Beasley deprived Keith Warren and his family their rights protected by the Constitution and U.S. Laws.

The Montgomery County Maryland Police Department has not taken its obligations seriously in righting the wrong perpetrated on the Warren family by not conducting a fair unbiased investigation into the death of Keith Warren.

Title 42, U.S.C., Section 14141 makes it unlawful for state or local law enforcement agencies to allow officers to engage in a pattern or practice of conduct that deprives persons of rights protected


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