Open letter to MCMPD…Transparency and Honesty lead to the road of closure

Open letter to MCMPD…Transparency and Honesty lead to the road of closure

Good day,

I wanted to share with you my conversation with my aunt over the weekend whom has traveled this the journey for justice and accountability with me for my mom and brother. This relates to the removal of the tree. Detective Beasley has given several stories about the tree and removal of the branch/limb. You are aware of the fact that I have zero trust in Beasley and any of his actions or words.  I do not trust his statements about his interpretation on the handling of the investigation into my brother’s death.  Based off of Officers Leverette hand written note at the crime scene at the time the body was found where “HE” questioned the actions of Detective Beasley, clearly Leverette was red flagged by the actions/words of Beasley.

Per our conversation in our last meeting the conversation about the tree remained in my head.  My aunt (who is available to speak to at any time) relayed to me that when we found out that Beasley was collecting evidence 1month AFTER the case was closed and directly related to the issue of the tree, she said that with her own eyes she saw nothing but a stump with yellow tape around it and NO tree laying next too or in the vicinity of the stump. This is of importance because me, you and the current MCMPD administration only have the physical evidence to reference in this case. I will continue to believe and state that Beasley did everything in his power to remove/destroy all physical evidence that would discount/discredit his opinion of how my brother got on the tree:

  1. No autopsy

  2. Change of clothing (The question still remains unanswered.. where did officer Leverette get the clothing Keith left the house in but was not on his body. See not below)

  3. Lost the noose

  4. Cuts the tree down/removes from scene no pictures of tree/ tree is destroyed

  5. No medical examination to give exact time or day of death

  6. Beasley used his influence and position to disparaged my mother’s name to the MCMPD admin (this is in the doc sent to me in 2014) and discredit her

This is not coming from an emotional place but a place of truth and justice. Based on Beasley actions alone this case should have been reclassified years ago. I will not get back my brother, I will not get back the 23yrs I lost of my mother and her struggle, but what I can get today in 2017 is reclassification from your department of my brother’s death and official apology from MCMPD for all the energy, time and money we have spent to right this wrong. The prior MCMPD administration before Chief Manger did nothing but sit on their hands and allow my family to suffer when all we wanted was answers and they also allowed Beasley to play God.

*** I have a signed affidavit from the funeral employee who removed my brothers body from the location and he states what he removed from the scene was:

  1. Body

  2. Noose

  3. Clothing on body

I will continue to ask the linchpin question….If the clothing which Keith was wearing when he left the house alive was not on his dead body and not at the crime scene( it is not listed on any inventory sheet from the scene) where did Officer Leverette get the articles which my brother left the house in but was not on or near his body to give to my uncle? This is very important because whoever took Keith’s life was very secure in knowing that the clothing discrepancy would go unnoticed. Whoever changed Keith’s clothing rested comfortably in the fact that they thought it would never be discovered.  Clearly the clothing which my Keith had on when he was last seen alive in, he died in. Why would those that murdered my brother and changed his clothing, so secure enough in their thoughts and actions that they would get away with this crime? Whoever took Keith’s life had full knowledge of what we the family would recognize and give back to us and what to destroy. If everyone stays focused on the one main question “What at 1:30pm approximately did Beasley see at that crime scene to make the determination of suicide” this would allow transparency and honesty to bring peace, justice and accountability in this situation.

I would also request information on how many times/complaints  Detective Beasley and Officer Leverette were reported to IA? What were the charges? We’re they founded/sustain/unsubstantiated? General orders S.O.P.



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