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I have asked the question before and going back over my notes, a definitive answer has never been given. Per notes received from MCMPD and my mothers team of supporters, the funeral home removed from the scene the body, the clothing on the body (as seen in the pictures) and the noose. The clothing my uncle received from officer Leverette on the next day were pieces of the clothing Keith was last seen in by my mother and other personal items. They don’t match what he had on when his body was found when he was on the tree.  Using facts, if Keith left the house in the articles of clothing (parts of which I am in possession of) they should have been the same articles that Keith was found in when he was strung up on the tree. The same clothing that officer Leverette/Detective Beasley had control over and handed over to my uncle. Per the statement in the notes given to me by MCMPD, notes taken by Corporal Zachary when he interviewed the funeral home worker, the body, the clothing on the body and the noose were the only items removed from the scene by the funeral worker. If in fact the funeral home was in charge of the clothing they as in the funeral home would have been in possession of the clothing Keith had on when he was cut down from the tree and not the clothing he was last seen alive in.


I’m going to keep asking the question of officer Leverette, Detective Beasley and of the MCMPD:


Where did Detective Beasley/Officer Leverette get the articles of clothing (the ones which we recognized in 1986 prior to the pictures)? Using the argument if Keith was killed at a different location and transported to the crime scene, Keith died in the clothing he left our house in whether it was a suicide or murder. Those that took his life changed his clothing and was confident we (as in the family) would never know the discrepancy in the clothing.  I once again ask for a definitive answer from Detective Beasley/Officer Leverette where did they get the clothing in which Keith left the house in and was last seen in by my mother? Those that took my brothers life felt confident enough to change his clothing prior to putting him on the tree, believing that the truth of the clothing would never see the light of day.




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