What is worse telling lies to cover up a death or actually killing someone?

What is worse telling lies to cover up a death or actually killing someone?

Let me preference this post by saying I have the utmost respect and appreciation for those that each day get up and put on their uniform or carry their badge and take that oath in good faith to protect and serve. Now back to the regularly scheduled programming. Everyone is human and makes mistakes. The only perfect being that walked this planet was Jesus. I dont know what Detective Beasley motives was when he lied on the police report, destroyed evidence and tampered with official documents to get to his conclusion of suicide in Keith’s death. What I do know is that every administration NOT to include the current (because I have not had a conversation with Chief Major) allowed the deceit and lies to live a 30yr life. I have most recently reached out to the @MoCoCouncilMD @albornoz_gabe @CmHucker @MC_Council_Katz, and County Executive​ Marc Elrich for their assistance in getting the death certificate changed and the reclassification of Keith death. I did get a response of inquiry from the office of Councilman Albornoz back in November ’19, however nothing more as of January 20/20. I will continue to give my Mom and brother a voice that was taken and silenced by the lies and deceit of Detective Beasley and I will continue the fight for them. I will continue to knock on doors, make phone calls, do pop ups, whatever is necessary to make sure that the lies and deceit of Detective Beasley will not be the legacy of my mom and brother.

The article below is another example of the human side of this life experience of those that wear a uniform or carry a badge. It is up to the peers and superior to not turn a blind eye, to not allow the deception but to acknowledge it and confront it. That is what I am asking of the current administration, to right the wrong of the action of the past.

I commend every Police department/administration that works to improve the integrity and character of their officers to make each community better.






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