Adnan Syed -Justice delayed not denied

Adnan Syed -Justice delayed not denied

I applaud Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby office for doing the right thing and basing her opinion of the release of #AdnanSyed off of the evidence and not public opinion. If the State Attorney office for Montgomery County Maryland/ John McCarthy would use that same theory and thought process in relation to Keith W Warren case by using the evidence or lack thereof in the reclassification of Keith’s death, and how, when, and why my teenage brother was found strung up on a tree in 1986; It would be the beginning of the healing process and closure for my family. Special shout out to #SerialPodcast for the phenomenal job of shining the brightest light of justice and accountability on this case.

My family has suffered immeasurably at the hands of #JohnMcCarthy, the state of Maryland and the office of the Attorney General #BrianFrost and their failure to acknowledge the incompetence in the death investigation of my brother #KeithWarren a black teenager found strung up on a tree in 1986. This administration and the prior administration from 1986 on both the state and county level failed to do their obligation under the law in relation to how, when and why my teenage brother was found strung up on a tree in 1986.

My mom and I clearly had/have no faith in the integrity into the death investigation from 1986 that was conducted by the #Montgomerycountypolicedepartment, and I will continue to challenge at every opportunity the lack of #transparency and #accountability in the current system of #justice in #Maryland in relation to the death of my brother Keith Warren.


#KeithWarren life mattered! ?


  1. Melissa Clardy 1 year ago

    I am so sorry for the hate that ended your brother’s life. I cannot imagine how that must feel – and continues to feel – for no other reason than my skin color.

    I’m an advocate for human trafficking and domestic violence which has shown me other justice avenues to work when your city and/or state is failing you. There are several agencies (most do not charge and if they do it’s nominal) that are made up entirely of retired law enforcement. They don’t work Homicide cases and Missing cases because they’ve been assigned to it; they work them because they feel they are the victims’ voice.

    • Author
      sherri 1 year ago

      Thank you for reaching out. Due to the nature of this case and the mishandling of the evidence by the lead detective, it would be virtually impossible for an unbiased individual to come in and investigate this case.

    • Author
      sherri 7 months ago

      Thank you for your note. Please continue to pray for justice and accountability.

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