I Got Time Today!

I Got Time Today!

This give’s me hope that the suicide ruling in Keith’s case will be corrected. Just like it took 7 yrs of hell due to Sheriff Gore’s mishandling of the original investigation for this family to get justice MCMPD/Det Beasley got it wrong. Just like it was ridiculous to believe Rebecca Zahau, while bound and naked, was able to hop over the balcony railing and fall to her death. Keith Warren walked a 1/4 of mile from where his car was parked carrying a 40ft rope, 2-4pack wine cooler, duffle bag full of cassette tape, and a change of clothes to go hang himself.  MCMPD would like for me to believe that part of Keith’s plan to hang himself, he was going to change his clothes, and due to no evidence collecting by Detective Beasley, one has to believe that Keith left the scene to throw away the empty bottles and then return to the scene change his clothes and use two trees in an elaborate rope configuration to hang himself.



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