As I do some soul searching trying to understand the circumstances surrounding the death of Keith and the critical role that the actions Detective Beasley made in the death investigation, makes me wonder how can I trust to know that the Montgomery County Maryland police department in 2018 would investigate one of their own with full transparency. Detective Beasley’s actions using hear-say to determine the cause of death, cutting the tree down, sending the body to the funeral home of his choice, the discrepancy in the clothing and no autopsy, tipped the scales of justice for Keith and accountability for my mom. 


Can I be so delusional to believe that they would implicate one of their own? 


The same passion, drive, and motivation that The Montgomery County Maryland Police Department has used to defend the actions of Detective Beasley bring me to pause and think maybe if that same fervor was used to help to answer questions and concerns of how Keith got on the tree that maybe we can get to a point of resolution.



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