Washington Post- Autopsy reinforces family doubts

Washington Post- Autopsy reinforces family doubts
“I don’t believe there is enough time, given the widespread distribution in his system of the 1,1, trichloroethane to have hung himself,” Mihalakis said. “To write it off as a suicide, in my personal opinion, is totally incorrect.” The chemical 1,1 trichloroethane is used in things such as glue, varnishes and paint and can be extremely intoxicating as well as deadly, Mihalakis said. There was no evidence, such as paint cans or rags with glue on them, where Warren was found hanging to indicate that he had ingested chemicals” – Dr. Mihalakis
Dear Chief Manger,
As I have initially stated and will continue to standby, I cannot for a fact say with 100% accuracy that Keith did not put himself on the tree. However, based off of the flawed investigation by Detective Beasley and Officer Leverett, you nor MCMPD can say for a fact that he did. To live each day with the pain of knowing that your loved one could have possibly been murdered and his death covered up is a hell that I would wish upon no one. Suffice to say that my trust and confidence in Chief Manger, you and the Montgomery County Maryland Police Department to do right by my brother and my family is null and void. I will continue to fight for justice for my brother and accountability for my mother because I know that the truth is out there and somebody’s going to come forward and tell me what happened to my brother. I pray that one day the efforts to protect and shield Detective Beasley and Officer Leverette will be outweighed by Justice and Transparency with-in MCMPD.
1. Medical documentation supporting family
2. Falsification of documents by lead detective and investigating officer
3. Current opinion of current detective describing case as “shit storm”
4. Documentation proven Detective used hear-say to determine death as suicide
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