POLICY AND PROCEDURE- who is policing who?

POLICY AND PROCEDURE- who is policing who?


Kudos to Bronx Supreme Court Justice Steven Barrett for righting a wrong today and honorable mention for District Attorney Clark and the Bronx CIU for their extraordinary work to acknowledge that the policy and procedures from 1991 used by the Bronx police department wrongly convicted Huewe Burton for the murder of his mom and took 19yrs of his life.

Montgomery County Maryland Police department needs to take notes. One of the many rationale I have received over the years is that Detective Beasley and Officer Leverette did not follow policy and procedure in the death of Keith. Doug Gansler (State’s Attorney ’04) actually told my mom that because of Keith case some policy and procedures were updated. However, there is not one copy of the policy/procedures manual from 1986 to reference back too.

“…We hope this tragic case can serve as a learning moment about the value of new scientific research on false confessions and steps that can be taken to avoid dangerously coercive interrogation techniques,” said Innocence Project Attorney Susan Friedman. “Based on the three false confessions revealed during this investigation, we also hope and expect that the CIU is open to reviewing other cases handled by these detectives if the parties can develop a mechanism to identify them.”

“….Burton’s legal team and the Bronx CIU jointly conducted an exhaustive two-year re-investigation that uncovered newly discovered evidence, including: (1) scientific and scholarly research confirming that the psychologically coercive techniques used by the detectives produce false confessions; (2) the same detectives who elicited Burton’s false confession also obtained false confessions from two other individuals three months earlier; and (3) the background and prior criminal history of the alternate suspect, Emanuel Green, that strongly supports the defense team’s contention that Green committed the crime alone…..”www.innocenceproject.org

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