“Under today’s guidelines and procedures, this would have been botched.”-Doug Gansler (2002)

“Under today’s guidelines and procedures, this would have been botched.”-Doug Gansler (2002)

So the mission for the State Attorney’s office for Montgomery County Maryland “is a constitutionally created independent agency. Our mission is to serve the public interest through fair and honest administration of justice by exercising responsibilities to: prosecute criminal violations in Montgomery county; educate the public to criminal justice issues; provide training to lawyers for future service; address inequality and promote fairness in the criminal justice system; insure access to the criminal justice system; promote professional relations with judges and attorneys; and further the efficient use of criminal justice resources.”

So what part of this office when lead by then State Attorney Doug Gansler and now currently John McCarthy failed the Warren family? My mom paid taxes in MCM, trusted the system and believed in justice and transparency in the death of her only son Keith Warren.

Doug Gansler went on to become the Attorney General for Maryland and allowed the fight my mother champion against the justice system in Maryland to continue to take the life out of her. In Ganslers own words he acknowledged procedure wasnt followed and likely conclusion will not please police, and will do even less to solve the mystery. Today John McCarthy is now in position to right this wrong. Sadly, Mr. McCarthy has taken the same road as his predecessor by sticking his head in the sand hoping this will go away.


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