Unverifiable Statement

Unverifiable Statement

Let me preference this post by saying that I believe Chief Manger was put in a very uncomfortable situation by his predecessor’s.  The prior administration allowed Detective Beasley to play God and manipulate the system to deny justice for Keith and accountability for my mom. With all that said it dose not allow a “unverifiable statement” to justify a determination of suicide.


On April 19, 2018 I met with the Chief Manger as well as other department officials. Chief Manger said the case was reopened however, there is no new information to change the classification. I asked the question “what information/evidence  do you have that justifies a “suicide” ruling” and Chief Manger said the information he is using to base his judgement of suicide is the statement my mother gave to Officer Leverette. In layman’s term, Chief Manger is using “unverifiable” statement as justification to classify  “suicide” as a ruling. Now let me clarify a few things:

  1. My mother until her death disputed the accuracy of the statement taken by Officer Leverette

  2. The information that Chief Manger is using was information taken 5hr after the body was found and after the body was sent to the funeral home choice of Detective Beasley.

  3. Officer Leverette did not follow protocol in getting the statement from my mother who was sedated at the time (this is also noted in MCMPD documents when the file was reviewed)

  4. Officer Leverette’s character and integrity are in question based off of charges brought against him ( google Leverette/Washington post)

It is unfortunate that justice for Keith and accountability for my mom in Montgomery County Maryland lies underneath the ego, transparency and the truth of the police department.



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